Having a regular yoga practice is a beautiful luxury. In 2020 we had to learn that at any moment our favorite studio can close down and we are forced to stay at home. That’s why its super important for me to offer you the option of online yoga classes. Either via Zoom or or YouTube. Having the option of online yoga classes, gives you absolute freedom, a freedom to practice when and where YOU want to. I think this is a huge blessing.

Please have a look at my online yoga offering and enjoy your freedom. If you have any special request please let me know and I’ll be sure to look into it.

Online Yoga

I offer regular online courses. My Online yoga classes usually have a theme and a set number of classes. You can come to any single class or book for the whole sequence. The style is usually vinyasa, but sometimes the style is more focused on traditional hatha or mobility and strengthening. Personally, I love to add in elements from FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) to help you build your active mobility. My classes always focus on practical applications. At the moment all classes are recorded, and you can always request the recordings. The prices for my online classes are CHF 15.- this includes the recording and a playlist (Spotify). If you struggle financially, please get in touch and I am sure we can find a solution. For more information about the classes send me an email or join the WhatsApp group.

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Online Handstand

Looking to learn how to do a handstand? Or a headstand or a forearm stand? Then this class is for you. The idea of this class is to allow you a regular inversions practice. This class helps you understand how to build up a solid foundation for your hands to carry your body weight. 90% of the class is focused around exercises that are accessible to anyone but will challenge even advanced practitioners. I always give you options. Normally the class takes place on Wednesday evenings. The price for a class is CHF 15.- the class is usually 60 minutes. This includes the recording of the class (if you cant make it or want to watch it again later). There is also a live WhatsApp group where feedback and additional information is share. Feel free to join or send me an email if you have any questions.
I’m super excited to see you on the screen

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Yoga on Youtube

I’ve recorded a number of classes on YouTube that cover the different aspects of the yoga practice. There are videos on specific asana, short and longer meditations, pranayama, and some full yoga classes. I invite you to take a look at my gallery and try one of the videos. If you are interested in something specific, please send me a message.


Mindfulness Cultivation

Strong Suryanamaskar (30min)

Gentle Saturday Morning Flow