Yoga Retreats

Take time off for yourself and immerse yourself into the world of yoga!

The idea behind a yoga retreat is that you let your habitual life behind you and dive into the realm of yoga. Apart from movement and breath it covers philosophy, spirituality, community and more. Yoga is a lifestyle and a retreat is a space where you can explore all the facets that yoga has to offer.

During a retreat I advise that you let go of (as good as you can) your personal and professional obligations, so you can be fully present in the moment. 

Not sure if Yoga is for you?

Have a glimpse into the retreat experience


This is short video from our last retreat in Portugal.

Ihope it gives you an idea of what a retreat with me could look and feel like. I take great care to select unique locations and offer a unique experience every time.

Please sit back and enjoy the video

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Winter Mountain Yoga Retreat

The Art of Living Join us in Graubünden, Switzerland, for a 4-day winter mountain yoga retreat that awakens your spirit and body. Led by experienced instructors, this transformative experience takes […]


Yoga Retreat South of France

Reunion at Metta Villa: Retreat for Mind, Body, and Soul Embark on a transformative journey at Metta Villa amidst the stunning Pyrenees. Engage in meditation, embodied yoga, and breathwork to […]


Treat yourself to something unforgettable

 If you decide to really let yourself in on a yoga retreat experience, you get the chance to carry that change back home and into your everyday life!


What makes the retreat experience special?


An aspect which is often overlooked is the power of getting together with people who follow similar goals and a similar life philosophy as you do. Even though each participant in a yoga retreat is unique, you decide to embark on a journey together. This sparks a group dynamic which can be supportive to the single person and their goals.

Is it right for me?

Is a yoga retreat right for me?


Are you interested in booking a yoga retreat, but not sure yet if it’s really what you’re looking for? There is no such thing as a “wrong” person or point of time for a retreat.

A yoga retreat is right for you if you feel a deep wish to immerse yourself more into your yoga practice than you have before. A yoga retreat can be a great opportunity to go inwards before a big decision, like change of job. Maybe you have felt the need for a change for a while and need this time for reflection and contemplation.


Why come on a yoga retreat with me?


I have a background in hospitality. It is my passion to create beautiful experiences for you. I also take great care in selecting unique locations and offer yoga retreats in Switzerland, Portugal, Austria and other breathtaking locations across Europe.

I want to make sure that every retreat has something unique to offer. No retreat is like the other. I want to make you feel cared for. I want you to relax and settle into your spiritual work more than anything else. I also make my best effort to create a container in which everyone can feel heard and respected. I really like to  give you as much freedom as possible, but also providing you a framework that allows you to work towards your own goal.

More than anything, you need to be willing to trust the experience you’re about to make.

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