Corporate Yoga & Team Events

Enhance Communication, Trust, and Team Spirit


I’m thrilled to offer Corporate AcroYoga, Yoga, and Mindful Leadership sessions, designed to transform your team’s dynamics and overall well-being. Whether you’re seeking a unique team-building event or a way to enhance communication and trust, my classes are tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. Through these sessions, your team will learn to communicate effectively, solve challenges together, and grow as a team. By addressing individual needs and promoting authentic presence, we create a supportive and connected work environment.


Weekly Team Sessions

Commit to continuous improvement with regular classes that help your team build on the foundations of communication, trust, and team dynamics. These sessions are ideal for companies looking to integrate wellness and teamwork into their regular routine.


    • 1-hour sessions held weekly
    • Progressive curriculum to enhance skills over time
    • Focus on communication, problem-solving, and trust-building
    • Available anywhere in Switzerland
    • Can be conducted at your location or a venue we provide

Pricing CHF 150 per session

One-Time Team Event

The classic team event that everyone loves! This unique and engaging session is designed to introduce your team to the benefits of AcroYoga, Yoga, and Mindful Leadership. It’s perfect for enhancing communication, trust, and team spirit through fun and interactive exercises that everyone can enjoy.


  • 2-hour session
  • Customizable activities based on your team’s needs
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Available anywhere in Switzerland
  • Can be conducted at your location or a venue we provide
  • Highly popular and universally enjoyed by participants


Pricing: From CHF 500 per session (CHF 75.- per person)

Custom Retreats

Take your team on a transformative journey with a multi-day retreat tailored to your company’s goals. These retreats are designed to deepen team bonds, improve communication, and enhance problem-solving skills in a relaxed and inspiring setting.


  • 2-3 day retreats at a scenic location
  • Comprehensive program including AcroYoga, Yoga, and Mindful Leadership
  • Personalized activities and workshops to meet your team’s specific needs
  • Available anywhere in Switzerland
  • Can be conducted at your location or a venue we provide


Pricing: Starting at CHF 3000, depending on the duration and customization

AcroYoga for connection


Enhanced Communication:

AcroYoga requires clear and open communication, helping team members articulate their needs and understand others better. This skill naturally transfers to the workplace, improving overall team collaboration.

Increased Trust:

Supporting each other in various poses builds trust and mutual respect among team members. This trust fosters a more cooperative and harmonious work environment.

Problem Solving:

Team members will tackle challenges together, fostering a sense of accomplishment and teamwork. This helps your team grow together, improving dynamics and creating stronger bonds.

Authentic Presence:

Participants will learn to be present and mindful, which enhances their focus and connection with colleagues. This authenticity in interactions leads to better understanding and cooperation.

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Your Yoga Teacher Lars


Lars’s AcroYoga class was the perfect team-building activity for our company. We learned about trust and collaboration in a fun and engaging way. The session was well-structured and tailored to our needs, making it a memorable and impactful experience. Highly recommended for any team looking to grow together

Participating in the AcroYoga session brought our team closer together, we laughed a lot and had a great time. Lars created a unique and enjoyable atmosphere. The activities were challenging yet accessible for everyone. Would absolutely do it again!