Yoga Classes

My teaching is greatly inspired by the FluidUs method as taught by Carlos Tao and RA vinyasa (Radiantly Alive). I also like to play with more classical elments from Ashtanga or Hatha yoga. Additionally, in the last years I’ve been studying myofascial training concepts. 

In my classes you can expect fluid movements and a sweet playlist. I love to make jokes and I am always looking for new ways to get you acquainted with your own body. Remember it’s all about YOU! I’m just the guy at the front talking. 

Yoga Classes In Bern

Bern is my hometown and I am a little bit in love with this city. The beautiful river Aare gives me inspiration for my fluid classes. It’s so nice to turn off your mind and flow through a sequence of asanas. In Bern, I offer regular classes at some of the local studios. I also offer AcroYoga classes and handstand trainings.

If you would like to invite me to teach at one of your events or your studio, please send me a message.

AcroYoga Classes

The classes are open to all levels (Beginners to intermediate). You do not need to come with a partner.

If this is your first time doing AcroYoga, I suggest you come to one of my beginner workshops first or book a private session. Click the “beginners” button below.

If you already have some experience then click the “experienced” button below.

Private Yoga Classes

I love to support you on your personal journey.

Group classes are great. But they also have limitations.

Have you ever heard the teacher say:

“If it’s in your practice go into (insert challenging pose) now”

And then you wonder: Well how am I supposed to get it into my practice?! Well – a private class is the perfect opportunity for this.

I also offer coaching for yoga teachers who are starting their teaching or who feel that they have gotten “stuck” in their habitual ways of teaching and moving.

Practice with me for free!

I have put together a small selection of short instruction videos, full yoga classes and some guided meditations. If you have never practiced with me, this is your opportunity to get to know my teaching style from the comfort of your living room. 

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