Summer Retreat

Pascale and Lars invite you to a peaceful 4-day yoga retreat in Switzerland. Healthy, plant based food, two daily yoga classes, kirtan, Thai massage and other goodies await you. Join us for this beautiful experience, spend time with friends and immerse yourself in all that yoga has to offer.

10 June - 13 June, 2021

🌟 Introduction:

The plan was to hold this retreat in January but we had to cancel last minute due to Covid restrictions, like so many other people. That was really sad. But we are excited to offer you Version 2 of the retreat, with a new date and a new location.
The retreat will take place from Thursday afternoon to Sunday noon near Basel, Switzerland.
No previous knowledge of Yoga is required to attend the retreat. The content of the retreat will be tailored to beginners and advanced yogis and will be conducted in English (Translation to German, French and Spanish possible).

🌟 Daily Activities:

Every day you will have a morning and afternoon yoga class. The morning Sādhana will include a movement practice (Āsana) and be complemented by meditation, journaling and or Prāṇāyāma. These sessions will form the bedrock of the retreat.
The two afternoon classes will be themed workshops, one around gentle yin and the other will focus on a yang style.
There will be two evening sessions, where we will offer Yoga Nidra and chanting. On one of the afternoons we will introduce you to the basic principles of Thai massage.
All the activities are optional.

🌟 Meditation:

We will start every day with a meditation and or Prāṇāyāma sequence to prepare ourselves for the day and to set our intentions and focus our minds. This will be done in combination with the Āsana sessions.

🌟 About the teachers:

Over the years, Lars had many deeply inspiring teachers who led him along the path of yoga. He is a certified yoga (500h) and acro yoga teacher (100h) and has had a regular yoga practice for over 8 years. Lars has spent large periods of his life abroad and has had the opportunity to learn from many very talented and diverse teachers. What all of these teachers have in common is their love and dedication to the practice of yoga, they don’t take themselves too seriously and probably most important, they love to have fun and do things differently. Their ways have shaped and defined Lars’ personal practice and his way of teaching and you can expect to get challenged both physically and mentally but you will always leave his class with a smile on your face.

Pascale has a big interest for the complexity and mystics of human nature. Already as a Child she was a seeker and asked herself big questions like “Why we are here?”. When she decided to dive deeper into the Yogic practice and looking behind Āsana in 2015 she came across a much more holistic and wider approach of a worldview and science, then what she was familiar with. Although we might not find any final answers to the big questions, but with the Yogic practice, we are able to meet ourselves on a much deeper level. Pascale loves to create and hold the space where we can allow ourselves to open that doorway and she is passionate about slipping in the ancient philosophical and mystic teachings into the practice. Her teaching style is inspired of the Jivamukti Yoga Method, in which she holds 800h education and she is a certified Yoga Teacher (1000h RYS).
Check out her website: Vida Con Siente

🌟 Accommodation:

The hotel features 10 individually appointed rooms (single, double or shared), all rooms offer a private bathroom and shower. We are super excited to inform you that we have a pool, a sauna & steam room for your use during the retreat! Also there is a beautiful library with all the reading that a yogi can wish for.
After a day of activities the kitchen team will delight us with a home cooked vegan meal (all dietary options available – gluten etc.).
Check out the Retreat Centre here: Sutra House

🌟 Pricing (in CHF):

Shared Room: 730.-
Double Room: 820.-¨
Single Room: 960.-
In case the retreat is canceled due to Covid your money will be refunded no questions asked.
Discounts available for returning students, we also offer discounts for people in financially difficult situations. Maybe you have a way of contributing to the retreat or have some other skill that you would like to share. Please get in touch for special arrangements.

🌟Included in the price:
− 3 overnight stays
− Brunch and dinner
− Tea, fruits and snacks
− All yoga and mindfulness practices
− WLAN in the entire house

🌟For all questions please email Lars Eckmann at or Pascale at

Upon receipt of your registration, we will confirm your participation, and the registration is binding from that date on. At the same time, you will be invoiced a non-refundable deposit of CHF 200.- per person which is due within 10 days.
The remainder is due three weeks before the retreat.
Insurance is your own responsibility. The facilitator/the teacher shall not be held liable for any damage to, or loss of, property or injury to persons. The participant waives any claim against the company/the teacher for any such loss, damage or injury.

🌟Example daily schedule (subject to change)*

− 07:30 – 09:30 Sādhana
− 10:00 – 11:00 Brunch
− 11:30 – 16:00 Activity and/or free time
− 16:30 – 18:00 Yoga workshop
− 19:00 – 20:00 Dinner
− 20:30 – 21:30 Activity and/or free time
*all classes are optional and voluntary, you only attend what you want to attend.

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