Swiss Handstand Convention – April 2022

Welcome to the second edition of our handstand convention in Switzerland

April 11 - 15, 2022

Welcome to the second edition of our handstand convention in Switzerland. It is a five-day-long training camp near Zweisimmen in the German part of Switzerland. The place is embedded in a beautiful landscape with rolling hills and a wonderful panorama.

We want to make it possible that people who are enthusiastic about handstands can come together and devote themselves intensively to the handstand practice for a week. In addition to the intensive training blocks, there is also time to discover the beautiful nature, eat delicious food and relax in the sauna or the cinema.

Check out the location here: DAO Sparenmoos

Three professional teachers guide the trainings and enable a deeper understanding of the handstand practice. In addition to these sessions in the morning and afternoon, there will also be time for free training indoors or outdoors.

🌟 Schedule

On Monday morning everyone will arrive and we will make a gathering to explain the organization of the week. In the afternoon we will start with a training block and an evening yoga class.

From Tuesday on there will always be a Yoga block (focus handstand) in the morning and a Handstand block in the afternoon. Two professional teachers will teach the blocks alternately and with different focuses on handstand.

On Wednesday afternoon we plan to do an outdoor activity together. We will discuss options for the excursion in the monday gathering.

Thursday afternoon we will have a special guest who will give you personal feedback about core strength and answer your questions about body physics. Also a new handstand training device will be available. Be curious!

On Friday morning will be our last training block. The convention will be over at lunch time.

In the hours between the training blocks there will be time for individual training, and program (small hikes, swimming in the lake, hang out and relax in and around the house, sauna, cinema, games etc.)

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