Lars Ekm

Yoga Instructor

My passion is yoga, acroyoga und handstand!

I love being upside down. Sometimes when life gets stuck you need to look at things from a different perspective. Yoga & AcroYoga offer a unique opportunity to do exactly that. That’s one of many reasons why I am so passionate about teaching. My style of teaching is fluid and fun. Over the years I practiced many different styles of yoga and all have have influenced my teaching.
Like with Eastern spirituality I try and integrate the different bits and pieces that have worked for me and leave what does not.

My teaching in three words:
Fluid - Conscious - Fun

We all believe in something, the question is what (and why)


Personally I find it very challenging to „follow” without knowing the why. This attitude, not always to my benefit, has put me into some interesting situations. I am curious by nature and I get super excited when you are also curious and ask questions.

I am very interested in the history of Yoga. How did it all start? Personally I find it important to understand the history of the practice that I teach. The learning will never stop and I love to share my latest discoveries in class. Initially, I was very much drawn to the yoga philosophy as taught by Patanjali. The eightfold path guided and inspired me during the first years of my yoga journey. This was followed by an exploration of (Vajrayana) Bhuddism. This cumulated in a beautiful and inspiring trip all the way to Tibet. In the last years I’ve been mostly immersed in the Non-dual Shaiva Tantra traditions. Mostly guided by the teachings of the wonderful Hareesh Wallis. If you are at all into religion and spirituality I love to have an engaging conversation.

Yoga Retreats Philosophy

My yoga retreat philosophy


Sharing and guiding you through in a retreat setting is my passion. I want the retreat to become more than just a holiday where you happen to do a little bit of yoga. A retreat can become a very powerful container. It is a container that is co-created by every participant.

I think it is worth addressing some points that I think are important to create such a container that is conducive for spiritual practice, for the practice of yoga. Please honour these guidelines if you decide to book a yoga retreat with me.

  1. Treat everyone with respect
  2. Be mindful
  3. Softly push your own boundaries
  4. Cultivate virtues


I will offer you different ideas and practices throughout the retreat. Please do not feel like you need to embrace any of these practices or teachings. Explore for yourself what speaks to you and what doesn’t. Whatever you resonate with, keep it, everything else, let it go.

Winter Yoga Retreat in Guarda

Embark on a transformative 4-day Winter Mountain Yoga Retreat in Guarda, Switzerland. Led by dedicated instructors Lars and Stijn, the retreat invites participants of all levels to explore self-discovery amidst the stunning landscapes of Graubünden.
Winter Retreat 2024

My Yoga Education

I absolutely love to travel. That’s reflected on my personal yoga journey. Since I started yoga in Cape Town in 2014 I’ve taught in over 10 countries and attended trainings all over the world. I’ve been blessed to meet a huge amount of incredibly inspiring teachers all over and want to thank them all for their unique contributions on my path.