I pledge to donate 5% of my profit!

*for 1 year, then I intend to increase this to 10% yearly, until I retire.

But Why?

Over many years I’ve had the desire to give back!


I feel like I was blessed with a very fortunate life. My travels around the world have shown me that my feeling is true. However I have always felt unsure about how to effectively go about giving. Until I came across William MacAskill (through WakingUp by Sam Harris) and Effective altruism.

Effective altruism has helped me understand giving. It has helped me understand that charities (in the same field) can be hundreds of times more effective in delivering the desired outcome than others. It also helps me understand how I can effectively reach my goals in philanthropy. Everything on this page is purely intended to inform those who are interested. Personally I wish I had come across this much sooner than I did.

Also I think its nice to let you know that if you practice with me, 5% of your money goes to a good cause!

What is effective Altruism?

Effective altruism provides a science based model of how you can do the most good.


Do good not just with your money but also with your career, projects, life decisions and energy. It also helps you understand in which way you can best support that cause.

We all want to do good, but unfortunately many ways of doing good are ineffective or sometimes actively harmful. Effective altruism was created out of a desire to make sure that attempts to do good actually work.

Effective Altruism is the study trying to answer the following question:
“How can I do the most good?”

William MacAskill is a university professor in philosophy at the University of Oxford. He is also the co-founder and president of 80,000 Hours, the co-founder of The Centre for Effective Altruism the co-founder of Giving What We Can, and the author of Doing Good Better (a book that you can order for free and its really worth reading).

Click on play button to watch amazing video that I recommend you watch.


The story that really got me thinking

You might have come across this late French king Louis XVI who reigned France around 1700’s until he was executed by the French revolutionist. Among other things he was known to live a life of luxury (as all aristocrats did) while his people outside the palace walls were starving.

“Let them eat cake!” was the most famous quote (albeit unlikely true) attributed to his wife Queen Marie Antoinette. This was her response upon being told that the suffering people had no bread.

This goes to show how completely ignorant the royal court was to the suffering that happened literally at their doorstep. Today when we look back, we clearly condemn this behavior (rightly so!). But now take a trip into the near future, what do you think future generations will say about us today? I am completely aware of the suffering that is going on in other places of the world but how much do I actually do to stop it? This story really made me think.

If you are interested to hear more I recommend you watch this video – The why and how of effective altruism

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The Founders Pledge

The Founders Pledge Climate Change Fund supports highly-impactful, evidence-based solutions to the “triple challenge” of carbon emissions, air pollution, and energy poverty.