Hand to hand

What does AcroYoga mean to me?

AcroYoga blends yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of healing arts.

What I love most about AcroYoga is that you cant do it by yourself. You need to work with someone. This stands completely opposite to the practice of yoga, where its all about you. The thing is that you only really get to experience yourself through the eyes or in contact with others. Especially when things don’t go as planned. This is quite uncommon in yoga but very common in AcroYoga.

AcroYoga allows us to push our boundaries and get out of our comfort zone. It’s all about trust and communication, in my experience the deepest and most complex of human emotions. For me its super important to create a safe and healthy environment. Only in such an environment can we open up to others and connect and learn.

I would love to see you in one of my classes.

AcroYoga Unterricht

Let's get started!

I offer regular workshops to get you started on your path of AcroYoga. During these workshop we will explore the diversity of movements and practices that together make up the world of AcroYoga. These workshops are suitable for complete beginners and students who have already gathered some experience. If you are an experienced monkey, pleasee check out my intermediate and advanced offerings.

Normally my workshops and classes focus on the solar side of the practice (dynamic and energized) But I also try to bring in some Lunar (soft, relaxing, healing) elements into my classes, either at the beginning or the end. I think its important to complement these two energies to fully experience the richness of this movement practice.

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