My Passion: Yoga, Acroyoga und Handstand

I love being upside down. Sometimes you get stuck and you need to see things from a different perspective. Yoga & AcroYoga offer a unique opportunity to do exactly that. That’s one of many reasons that I am so passionate about teaching. My style of teaching is very diverse. I practiced many different styles of yoga and almost all styles have influenced my teaching. Just like with Eastern spirituality I try and integrate the different bits and pieces that have worked for me.

The entire Yogic philosophy is of great interest to me. I always want to know the why? Personally I find it very challanging to „follow” orders without knowing the why. This attitude, not always to my benefit, has put me into some interesting situations. I am curious by nature and I get super excited when you are also curious and ask questions.

I am also very interested in the history of Yoga. Who and how did it all start? The Western traditions are very much linear but that is not the case in the Eastern traditions. Things grow and evolve over time and become intricately interwoven. I think that’s fascinating and coming back to the why for me its important to understand the history of the practice that I teach. The learning will never stop and I love to share my latest discoveries in class.


I absolutely love to travel. That’s reflected on my personal yoga journey. Since I started yoga in Cape Town in 2014 I’ve taught in over 10 countries and attended trainings all over the world. I’ve been blessed to meet a huge amount of incredibly inspiring teachers all over and want to thank them all for their unique contributions on my path.

  • 2018, Hatha Teacher Training (200h), Nasik, India
  • 2019, AcroYoga International Teacher Training, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2019, 10 Day Vipassana S.N. Goenka
  • 2020, Thai Massage Course, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 2020, Vinyasa Teacher Training (300h), Bali, Indonesia
  • 2020, 10-day non-dual shaiva Tantra Retreat, Portugal
  • 2021, 6-Month Tantrik Immersion with C. Hareesh Wallis
  • 2021, Vijñāna-bhairava Tantra Retreat, Portugal

If you are looking for advice on where to do your training please get in touch.

  • Yoga Classes with me

    Whats most important for me is that you discover and move with your body. Putting everyone into the same shape, doesn’t make sense and can sometimes even be dangerous. I want to lead you to an exploration of your own capabilities and inner magic.

    My absolute favourite teaching environment are retreats. There is nothing that comes close to spending 4 or 7 days together in a beautiful place and really exploring the depths of yoga. The beauty is to experience how a group of strangers can come close to being family within only a few days. Also it really allows for a much more personalized experience than a one off class. Please check out my retreat schedule for upcoming events.

  • Some of my classes are very athletic and others can be very soft and flowy. In either case I do try and have a good tune to underline my classes. If you are interested, check out my playlists here

    If you want to come and move with me, please check out my regular classes. Or you can book your very own private class.